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Polo: The Nomadic Tribe

$ 125.00

Polo: The Nomadic Tribe
by Aline Coquelle

Publisher: Assouline

13 x 16.5 in
160 pages, 120 images

ISBN: 9782759404100

Polo is more than sport; it's a state of mind, a lifestyle, a value system, and a philosophy of life. Embodying Polo's courage, strength, and speed, this stunning volume ——featuring players from Argentina, Dubai, England, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Pakistan, Switzerland, and the United States—all united by their love of the sport and its adventurous lifestyle. Photographer Aline Coquelle, who traveled around the world for five years to celebrate the prestige, cosmopolitanism, and fun of polo, opens the door to this chic, nomadic tribe, with text by the sport's most elite players.



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