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BIOGRAPHY Petty Grudges

$ 112.00

Renew drops; a unique blend of restorative rose actives formulated to rejuvenate dry and damaged skin, improve elasticity, and soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Petty Grudges is an overnight treatment oil of forgiving blend of restorative rose actives that increases skin’s elasticity and suppleness while softening fine lines.

Concern: Tired, dark spots, dark circles, fine lines.

Effect: Plumps and rejuvenates skin by hydrating and detoxifying, reduces puffiness and diminishes dark circles under the eyes, preserves elasticity with naturally occurring retinoids acid, helps repair sun damage and diminish brown spots.

Natural Fragrance: Green, Citrus, Roses, Earthy.

Star Ingredients: Rosehip, Evening primrose oil, Rose Geranium leaf oil.

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